Resource Round-Up: R in Industry Edition

One of the ways that practices of reproducible research can be brought into industry is through the development of custom R packages and data tools for one’s company / organization. Not only can these tools deliver large efficiency gains and standardization, they ideally infuse corporate culture with the shared passion and mission found in open source communities. Similar to [my favorite readings on reproducible research], the benefits of internal R packages are a common theme in my talks and on my Twitter feed1. [Read More]

Resource Round-Up: Reproducible Research Edition

I frequently talk, think, and tweet about how open science principles apply to data analysts and scientists in industry. However, despite my interest in reproducibility, my process for sharing my favorite articles on this topic has been anything but reproducible – repeatedly searching my browser history, past “Sent” mails, or simply typing out the same summaries over and over. Going forward, this post serves as a brief annotates bibliography for some of my favorite reads. [Read More]