DataFold Data Quality Meet Up

Joined a panel of speakers to discuss tips and tricks for running dbt at scale

May 12, 2023

This is the full recording from Datafold’s 9th Data Quality Meetup on Thursday, May 11th, 2023, which was focused on ‘Running dbt at scale’.

Following our usual structure, each of our speakers present a lightning talk and then we transition into a panel discussion moderated by Gleb Mezhanskiy - who pulls in the audiences’ questions.

We had 6 guest speakers & panelists: 1. Emily Riederer @ Capital One - “Operationalizing Column Name Contracts” 2. Felix Kreitschmann and Jorrit Posor @ FINN Auto - “Supercharging Analytics Engineers: How to save time and prevent technical debt by automating CI checks” 3. Alexandra Gronemeyer @ Airbyte - “adopting and running dbt within a small data team at Airbyte” 4. Jason Jones @ Virgin Media O2 - “Zero to 200: scaling analytics engineering within an enterprise” 5. Sung Won Chung @ dbt Labs - “Experiences implementing dbt at scale”